A Lifetime of Happiness: Movies, TV, and Video Games

Heathers (1988)

August 25, 2021 Steve Bennet-Martin, Stephen Martin-Bennet Season 1 Episode 82
A Lifetime of Happiness: Movies, TV, and Video Games
Heathers (1988)
Show Notes Transcript

The Steves discuss the 1988 cult classic, Heathers along with what's making them happy in pop culture today.

Topics discussed include

  • Queen Sugar (O! and Hulu)
  • The World Ends With You: Final Remix (Switch)
  • Heathers creative team background
  • Heathers recap
  • It's effect on pop culture today
  • Comparing this to our high school / college experiences
  • Movie trivia

Ending- Any music or audio clips were borrowed from the original source material.

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[00:00:00] Steve: Hello returning happies and new listeners. This is Steve Bennet-Martin, and this 

[00:00:07] Stephen: is Stephen Martin-Bennet. And welcome to a lifetime of happiness. 

[00:00:10] Steve: The podcast where we take you on our journey through some of the movies, TV shows, and other bits of pop culture that are helping to keep us happy. We'll hopefully bring a smile to your face along the way.

[00:00:18] Stephen: Greetings and salutations. Are you a Heather? No, 

[00:00:22] Steve: I'm a Steve. What's your damage, babe? You're 

[00:00:25] Stephen: so very today. We're getting ready to talk about the 1988 cult classic 

[00:00:31] Steve: Heather's. Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. That sounds fantastic. But first my love what's been making you happy. 

[00:00:38] Stephen: Well, I have found a TV show that just is everything.

And it's originally from. The own network, which is the Oprah Winfrey network. And it is developed for television by Ava DuVernay who most people might know from that movie, the 13th and some other of her amazing work. It stars Rutina Wesley from true blood that we love Tara Tara. Yes. And it deals the, but the life of three siblings who moved to Louisiana to call him an inheritance from the recently departed father.

And it's a sugar cane farm, and it's this wonderful look into lives around new Orleans and this specific family. And. It's just amazing and I am very late to it. So I'm watching it on Hulu, but there are already 75 episodes and season six premiers. Next month, I will not be caught up in time for season six.

I'm loving every single second of the show. And it's one. You can't remember the name of, 

[00:01:52] Steve: I know I keep on getting it wrong, but I'm going to get it right. Eventually, at least like when I call it honey sugar, I don't call it honey booboo. 

[00:02:00] Stephen: And I thank you for that. What's been making you happy. My darling, well, crap.


[00:02:05] Steve: because I made not just one, but a few Lego bow tie. 

[00:02:09] Stephen: Yes you did. You made one for me. That was purple. Of course. Yes. 

[00:02:12] Steve: And so I'm having fun making my crap. 

[00:02:15] Stephen: And so how are you doing that? So you can tell our listeners and home hiker making them 

[00:02:19] Steve: it's a secret. Just contact me if you want to buy one of your very own and I'm built you on.

[00:02:24] Stephen: There you go. You can contact us and happy life [email protected] and just put Lego boat. In the subject line. Yes. 

[00:02:34] Steve: Meanwhile, when I'm not building Lego with you or making Lego bow tie, I have been playing the world ends with you series. I had been watching the anime and I just got tired of reading subtitles.

So I just played through the full game instead. But I'm really glad I did because it aged very well. Even with the port going from touch screen, which was what the con combat was based off of in the first to the switch, which was still touching. 

[00:02:59] Stephen: But because it was originally on the 3d. Yes. Yes, it was.

[00:03:02] Steve: But I really had, I could definitely recommend the world ends with you final remix. And then I also have been playing it's CQL the knee. World ends with you. And I'll get into that in a future episode to let you know how it does it. Once I wrap up my, my another day and secret reports, well, fan freaking tastic.

Yes. Excellent. But Len let's get into the Heather's my love. Yes, 

[00:03:24] Stephen: it is a 1988 American black comedy 18 film written by Daniel Waters and directed by Michael. And this was both of their feature film debuts. Yes. 

[00:03:35] Steve: Water's later went on to reunite with Winona Ryder when he directed sex and death. 1 

[00:03:39] Stephen: 0 1.

Yeah. And lemon Lehman also directed the truth about cats and dogs in 1996, which really helped Ooma Thurman further her career as a serious actress. And he also did 40 days and 40 nights in 2002 with Josh Hartnett. 

[00:03:56] Steve: And I wonder whatever happened to him. 

[00:03:58] Stephen: Josh Hartnett. Yeah. He actually retired from acting for a bit to focus on some things, but then he stepped back into it during penny dreadful, but I watched because he was the Wolf man.

Cool. Yeah. So, 

[00:04:14] Steve: and that this movie also has a great cast. It stars, like, as I mentioned, went on a as Veronica 

[00:04:19] Stephen: and Winona. Ryder is a fan favorite around this house. From. All the Tim Burton movies back in the day. And now we also love her on stranger things. 

[00:04:31] Steve: Yes, this is her second time being on an episode because we did do Beatles.

[00:04:35] Stephen: We did do beetle juice and she's amazing. And beetle juice. There is Christian Slater as J D. 

[00:04:41] Steve: Yes. He's the most recently known for Mr. Robot, but rose to start on with this movie along with true rumors. Very bad things. And Robin hood, prince of thieves in the early nineties. And 

[00:04:52] Stephen: the second best thing that Aaron spelling ever propelled to popularity, Shannen Doherty, who plays Heather Duke in, you would know her from 9 0 2 1 oh, and charmed, both Aaron spelling.

For your information, the most part, the best thing that Aaron spelling propelled to popularity is . Yes, 

[00:05:12] Steve: of course. Meanwhile, it also started Lisa fault as Heather McNamara and Kim Walker as Heather, Sharon. There are so many Heather's in this movie. I know it's like they're, the Heathers would be the decorate name for it.

Oh, here it is. 

[00:05:26] Stephen: It had a budget of 3 million, but only had a box office of 1.1 million, 

[00:05:31] Steve: which that's a negative, babe. It 

[00:05:33] Stephen: is. It's now a cult classic and it's regarded as one of the greatest coming of age films of all time. But for that time period, It was rather dark for the 

[00:05:43] Steve: eighties. Yes. It was rather a dark, dark, dark, pretty dark, but I mean, I'm surprised that so much of it made it into 

[00:05:50] Stephen: a movie.

Well, I mean, especially if you look at some of the other movies around that time period, like the breakfast club and 16 candles. Yeah. This is like the 

[00:06:00] Steve: aunt Ty breakfast. Well, I know, could you imagine mom taking a year or two of this movie to just thinking it was just another one of those. 

[00:06:07] Stephen: She took me to see clueless and you should've seen her face when they lit up the marijuana joint and the party scene.


[00:06:14] Steve: would not have made it. We would not have made 

[00:06:15] Stephen: it through 

[00:06:16] Steve: this. Since then, though, guess it reached cult classic status, but it's also been adapted into a musical as well as the TBC. 

[00:06:23] Stephen: Yes. And they actually ended up having to change. The end of the TV series, or possibly just didn't air it at all because it was on the paramount network is what it ended up being on.

And, you know, as we'll get into the end of this movie deals with Someone trying to blow up a school. It's kind of taboo these days with the school, all the school shootings and things. So I think they may not have actually ever aired the final episode. 

[00:06:50] Steve: Interesting. I'll have to look into that before we announce it on a podcast.


[00:06:55] Stephen: I remembered that there was a big scuttle bug about it. Okay. 

[00:06:58] Steve: Yes. Well, for those of you who need a brush up B summarizes this as well. Wester burger, Wester Berg at Westerberg hive clicks, rule jocks dominate, and all the popular girls are named Heather. It's going to take a Veronica and a mysterious new kid to give teen angst the body count.

[00:07:17] Stephen: I like that. And because you don't want to get too into it because by, so by the time some of the things start happening. What the hell movie did I sign up 

[00:07:27] Steve: for? Yes. So speaking of what movie you're signing up for folks, this movie and this discussion touch on suicide and rape, which are two various serious issues.

So this is going to trigger you. What would you recommend, 

[00:07:38] Stephen: babe? You can just go back a couple of weeks and re listen to the Lego movie episode again, where everything is also 

[00:07:46] Steve: exactly. Yes. So getting into it the, my summary of the movie, it goes a little bit longer and more in-depth. But as a refresher, for those of you who haven't seen it in a minute, you can watch it on Hulu and come back, but it's about 

[00:07:57] Stephen: Veronica on your mark.

Get set. Go. 

[00:08:00] Steve: Well, I'm not going to do that because I listened to this on two times. Speed. So that's Veronica is friends with three most popular girls in school, the Heathers, she gets tired of their main girl games while she finds herself drawn to a new kid, JD, after he pulls a gun at school shooting two blanks, that jocks.

And if that's not a trigger warning, when meeting a guy, I don't know what it is, 

[00:08:20] Stephen: but. She find it found it intriguing. 

[00:08:25] Steve: Yes. Meanwhile, at a frat party, she refuses to have sex with a frat boy and vomits on Heather Chandler's shoes, who then vows to destroy her reputation at home JD arrives and they have sex outside and express their hatred of Chandler's title.

The next morning, they break into her house for JD plans to make her drink drain cleaner. But Veronica would rather mix her OJ with milk to make her vomit. I don't know whether that works, babe, to you. The OJ 

[00:08:49] Stephen: and milk. No, but I have thought that I was drinking a glass of orange juice and it was milk.

And you know, the thing when you're expecting something and it's Ellison you're get, yeah. I'm sure it's different, but 

[00:09:05] Steve: that's kind of what, yeah, but we never found out if the OJ and milk mixture would make her vomit because JD does give her the mug with a drink killer, which she drinks and it kills her.

In a really cool fall. They afford a suicide note, which ends up leaving her even more popular in her death. Yeah, 

[00:09:20] Stephen: because it turns out Veronica can mimic anyone's handwriting. 

[00:09:23] Steve: Yes. That will sure. Come in handy multiple times throughout the movie. Well, why don't I took 

[00:09:28] Stephen: over for a bit. Right. And Heather McNamara convinces Veronica to go to go with it.

Kurt and Ram on a double date for arnica bales. When Ram rapes Heather McNamara, the boys spread a false rumor about Veronica. Yeah, giving both of them a blow job at the same time. So JD convinces her to learn them into the woods and shoot them with nonfatal bullets that he got from Germany which ended up being actually very fatal.

So they staged their death as a suicide pact between two gay lovers, because this was the late 1980s. And that was something turning them into martyrs against homophobia, had their funeral McNamara calls, a radio station to discuss her depression. Heather Duke Shannen, Doherty outs her for it at school and McNamara attempts suicide by overdosing in the girl's bathroom.

Veronica ends up saving her, telling J D she's done with the killing and breaks up with him. Veronica fakes, her suicide to manipulate JD who has. Been intentionally coming to kill her. And he ends up revealing his plans to blow up the school during a pep rally. She convinced him and there's a fight and he follows her outside with a bomb strapped to his chest, which he detonates killing himself.

Veronica comes back into the school, confronts Heather Duke and takes Heather. Chandler's Red's current chief from her asserting herself as the new leader. She then invites unpopular girl, Martha to spend prom night watching movies together as Heather Duke watches on realizing she is no longer the queen bee.

Yes. And so that's 

[00:11:02] Steve: the plot. Yes, it certainly is. And with this whole movie being centered around a group of popular girls who rule the school, have you ever encountered a group of Heathers in real life? Either at school? Oh, afterschool graduating. 

[00:11:17] Stephen: Yes, there were definitely some Heathers at my high school.

One of them was a guy. And one of them also went to college. There kind of, there was no death involved, but there definitely were the mean girls. Would just do things that, you know, I look back on now and I'm like, that was really just Dick moves and things that I'm really. If I was the mean now I would have stood up to them.


[00:11:56] Steve: And it would have been epic. 

[00:11:58] Stephen: What about you? Have you ever encountered any Heathers in real life? 

[00:12:01] Steve: I would say, I mean, Heather certainly make the mean girls look like they're, you know, grade school with their antics and they're just, you know, gossiping. So I would say like, I definitely have my own means.

The plastics in my high school. But I wouldn't go so far as to call them Heather's cause I do feel like while mean girls are drawn, breakers wouldn't exist without the Heathers, and that definitely was inspired by them. Heather's just as a little bit darker and a little bit more like cruel the mean girls, 

[00:12:27] Stephen: right?

Because like one of the first things we see with the Heathers is for Martha heavyweight girl in the school, they create a love note. In a guy's handwriting, give it to her. And she's convinced that one of the popular boys likes her and they did it just to humiliate her in front of the entire school at lunch.

Like that's pretty far. 

[00:12:52] Steve: Yes, it certainly was. I mean, have you ever done things that you wished you had in, in hindsight just to fit into a group of friends? Oh, 

[00:12:59] Stephen: 100%. Yeah. There are definitely things that I look back on that I will not be sharing on the podcast because once said out loud, you can't take them back.

That I look back and I was like, that was not kind of me. And I'm definitely a better person than I was then for sure. What about you? Have you 

[00:13:24] Steve: I'm sure I have, because I definitely was not the nicest to my best friend Laura now. Yes. I've heard that story. Yes. And so that, that's the one that comes to mind, but I, you know, especially before coming out and everything like that, you know, I would do almost anything to throw off, like the bullying that was geared at me, I would try and deflect it in any which direction.

So I do regret it, but it does come from a place of weakness and fear. 

[00:13:48] Stephen: No, Veronica has. A best friend, but she dumped to the friend so that she could hang out with the Heather's. Have you ever dumped a friend because they weren't popular enough with the people you did want to hang out with? 

[00:14:03] Steve: No, because I never had the chance to be popular.

What about, 


[00:14:09] Stephen: know, like, I, I guess maybe because it was a small town there. There weren't as definitive, as lines back in the eighties and nineties as there are now. Because I can definitely see like when even Madison and Logan were in school, you could see the the popularity lines were a little more defined.

But we didn't really have that back then. Something I do want to make a note. We've done the mean girls episode, which is a great movie. There's also Jawbreaker, which is fantastic. And we do have to acknowledge that neither of those movies would exist without Heathers. I did. You 

[00:14:50] Steve: did? Yes. That's okay though.

We can reignite it. Cause it's very important to be said. 

[00:14:54] Stephen: Oh, I'm sorry. I just didn't hear that 

[00:14:56] Steve: somehow. I know. Well, it's all right. I know that another theme in this movie was that Veronica originally only wanted to re run. Yeah, that she only wanted to humiliate people through her rent scheme, not to murder people.

But when, when do you think she knew that they would be killing and was just kind of, you know, lying to herself? Or do you think that she really was surprised at the fake bullet bullshit? Excuse. 

[00:15:21] Stephen: I think that she was lying to herself, that she Okay. Like her reaction shows that she was a little surprised, but I think that that was more of, oh my God.

I went through with it not oh my God. They were real bullets because at that point, I think she absolutely knew what she was about to do because she still had already. Helped cover up the murder of Heather Chandler. So Veronica is definitely not blameless at all. Yeah, 

[00:15:52] Steve: no, I agree. I mean, she, she did definitely knew at least a part of our new by that second time, I would think because no one could be stupid enough to, because me, she was portrayed throughout the entire movie as intelligent 

[00:16:01] Stephen: and the smartest person, because she.

Advanced multiple grades that she should have already been in college because of her intellect. 

[00:16:08] Steve: Yeah. And so with that, you know, and she had a boy that she's crazy for and he's crazy period telling her that fake bullets. 

[00:16:16] Stephen: She has to realize that the only fake bullets are blanks or rubber bullets and not special German bullets, that'll just not, you know, kill them and.

No, I think she definitely knew. And she was just trying to lie to herself to make herself feel better about it. I think 

[00:16:35] Steve: we've all been there before. Yeah. Maybe not in that exact situation with the fake bullet things, but believing what someone says, because you want to believe it and not because it's factual there believable.

[00:16:46] Stephen: Oh yeah. That's for sure. And we've talked that popularity is a huge theme in the movie and. Did any of your motivation in doing things and high school? Was it motivated by popularity? 

[00:17:03] Steve: No. I feel like, I mean, there was a very clear line between the popular kids and the unpopular kids, but like I never wanted to cross over.

I was kind of happy where I was just with my label, you know, I would want them to be kinder or like less bullying, but I never wanted to join them or be part of their group. 

[00:17:22] Stephen: I remember that when I was in high school that the grunge style was becoming popular. And so I definitely was trying to change my, kind of look in some ways to fit in with the kind of grunge style.

Like my pants were at the appropriate height and everything, but like the layers with the t-shirt hanging out underneath and that kind of thing. Yeah, it wasn't until my twenties where I was like, Nope, this is my style. And I'm sticking to it. Yes. Today's teens though. It always seems to be that they're chasing popularity.

[00:18:00] Steve: I don't even know whether it's popularity as much as it is fame. And like the, you know, it seems like people are more concerned over what their social media presence is than what it is in real. And so I don't know whether they would care so much as to whether they were popular in their school or not, as well as, as long as they were getting their likes on their Tik TOK videos or their YouTube channels.

[00:18:18] Stephen: Well, and that's still popularity in a sense, like they want the online clout and they want to post the right thing that people will like and retweet and comment. And it, like, there are some people that could care less, but there are definitely some people that just seem to be cheating. That sort of online 

[00:18:39] Steve: fame?

Yes. Including us. So please add us at happy life pod at all of our social media accounts, please. And thank you.

[00:18:54] Stephen: Sorry. I came out of nowhere and I was, it 

[00:18:58] Steve: made me get gas now to help bring you down from that laughter this movie does spend a lot of time talking about suicide. It actually becomes the cool thing to do in school. And so like, have you ever experienced this in, in real life where like you hear of a story of someone committing suicide where it almost like glorifies them or makes it seem like the cool thing to do.

Or do you think they just made it up for this movie that they would react this ridiculously? 

[00:19:24] Stephen: No, I honestly think let's say that one of the Kardashians or KA Kylie Jenner. Yeah. Somebody that online, famous. If she was like, she posted it on Instagram may be saying, oh, I think like the height of everything is if someone just took their own life, knowing that.

Immortalized forever. I think she could easily spur thousands of kids to do it. 

[00:19:56] Steve: Well. Let's hope that it doesn't happen then because suicide has a bad. No, 

[00:20:00] Stephen: and I remember like there were pregnancy packs. I remember hearing about that about an entire. Large group of girls that were all like trying to get pregnant at the same time in high school.

Yeah. So 

[00:20:14] Steve: that they can have their babies all together, but they're in high school. I know. Well, it wasn't a good idea, but I never got pregnant, baby. I just tried real hard. 

[00:20:24] Stephen: How do we need to talk about biology and the birds one more time? 

[00:20:28] Steve: No, it's okay. We can keep trying. 

[00:20:32] Stephen: So J D in all of his craziness, he does.

That heaven is the only place where different types of people can all coexist together. Do you think that that is true? Do you think that there is anywhere on earth, that people from different walks of life can co-exist pieces for Koa? 

[00:20:58] Steve: That is from the excellent comics people. If you're not reading them, you should, because it's been awesome in this Jonathan Hickman age.

[00:21:04] Stephen: Yeah. I agree with that. What about an America? Do you think that there actually is a melting pot for everyone where people can be together or do you think that's too ideological that it's not realistic? 

[00:21:19] Steve: Well, I think that it's just, it's a matter of finding your own community and having the ability to ignore the rest of the people who are the toxic people or the negative people.

[00:21:29] Stephen: What about, well, but then you're also kind of agreeing. Different types of people can't co-exist together. Cause here's the saying, finding your community. And he saying that that's the point, 

[00:21:41] Steve: unfortunately, it's not getting any easier as time goes 

[00:21:44] Stephen: on. It is not. No, I, and I think he may be correct that people like to be around other people, that they have things in common with or think certain ways like them.

And they like, they like to avoid people that they find negative or toxic and things like that. So I'm not sure if there really is a, we can all coexist together type of place. I 

[00:22:15] Steve: don't know, but I know that one place where you can do that is by listening to this podcast and being a fan. Now, this movie is also very funny because of the multiple good quotes through it.

I know that w w was it w was it Shannon? Doherty's Heather that said Veronica, why are you pulling my Dick? Yeah. 

[00:22:33] Stephen: Veronica, why aren't you pulling my Dick? Yeah. And 

[00:22:35] Steve: apparently she was supposed to be like angry or during it, but she was like, Pure and innocent back then that like, she was, she had trouble saying it, like, she was like, do I have to say Dick?

And they were like, yes, you do. But yeah, so she said it in kind of like almost a giggle because she was like taking it herself in real life having to say Dick. 

[00:22:54] Stephen: Now one of the things I found interesting was this repeated scene with her parents and a conversation with she and her father where fathers like take a break for Aanuka sit down and she sits down and there's always Patay.

And. And then he goes, God damn well, somebody tell me why. And it's either I read the spy novels or I smoke these damn things. And Veronica's response is always because you're an idiot. And he goes, oh yeah, that's it. And the mother goes, oh, you too. And then Veronica says, great Patay but I have to motor if I'm going to be ready for the funeral or for that party.

And it's interesting that they like have the exact same scene. Twice and like, almost word for 

[00:23:42] Steve: word. I know you would have thought that that happened one more time for a three beat. Yeah. But I feel like, I mean, that's something that definitely happened, especially like in high school. Like I remember, like we still had family dinners every night sitting around a table, but it became very much.

But it's, you know, cause I mean, kids lives, aren't that interesting. And kids aren't telling their parents all the juicy stuff from their day anyway. So it very much was like, we could have been following a script and you know, the five of the six days a week or seven days a week, however many days are in, how was school?

[00:24:11] Stephen: Fine. Yes. Now they repeatedly through the movie, there'll be like how varied or that's so ferry. And so we were talking about the The two football players that committed suicide and they made it look like they were gay and a big Butch father gets up there and he's crying and, oh, I love 

[00:24:32] Steve: my gay son.

Yeah. Or isn't it like, I love my dead gay son. Dead gay song. Yeah. It was very funny. Even if it shouldn't have been some of that humor with it based around homophobia, it's still was done. Very funny. Well, 

[00:24:47] Stephen: that's like the touchy, feely hippie teacher is talking to Veronica and she goes whether to kill yourself or not is the most important decision.

A teenager. 

[00:24:57] Steve: Yes. And that decision should be a, don't do it. Yes. 

[00:25:01] Stephen: For our listeners out there. If you're listening to this and you're like, should I, the answer is no. Yes. 

[00:25:06] Steve: Meanwhile there's a lot of fun behind the scenes trivia related to this movie as well. I know Heather McNamara was originally offered the to Heather Graham, but she was 17 at the time and her parents wouldn't let her after reading this 

[00:25:18] Stephen: that's really interesting.

Heather Graham is a fantasy. Underrated actress and I could have easily have seen her playing the Heather Graham or Heather McNamara role. Yes. It 

[00:25:29] Steve: also, would've been funny cause her name's Hannah. 

[00:25:32] Stephen: It is Brad Pitt audition for the role of J D but he was rejected for being too nice. 

[00:25:39] Steve: Yes. I think that, that must've been a certain thing they had going for him back then.

Cause I don't know whether I would categorize them as too nice now. Well, 

[00:25:46] Stephen: and you remember that he auditioned for Elvis. And he got didn't get the part because he was too hot. 

[00:25:52] Steve: Yes. Oh, it's so hard being poor. 

[00:25:56] Stephen: Brad Pitt. 

[00:25:58] Steve: Meanwhile, I, the band, the Veronica's took their name from Veronica in this 

[00:26:02] Stephen: movie. And speaking of Veronica, Veronica and her former friend, Betty are named in this movie after the Archie character.

The Betty and Veronica. 

[00:26:12] Steve: Yes. And yes. What happens when you got a whole bunch of horny, young teenage adolescents together making a movie, they end up dating and screwing each other on the set. Exactly. Slater was dating Kim Walker when filming started, but apparently broke up with her to date Winona Ryder during the promotion of the.

Although, it was kind of funny. A couple of years later, they asked Wynnona about dating him and she was like, I don't remember. So she doesn't remember any of it, but apparently he said that they dated, or it was shown that they were dating, although it must not have been very memorable. So 

[00:26:46] Stephen: the, in the movie the book, the suicidal students, supposedly underlined passages from was intended to be catcher in the rye, but they couldn't get promotion permission from J D Salinger.

So they had to use Moby Dick, which is in public domain and fun fact, every major serial killer in America, headache company. A well-worn copy at that of catcher in the rye, in their home that was found after their death or capture. 

[00:27:13] Steve: Yes. Well, even though they weren't able to use the book they were able to use his two initials to make, to give JD his name, right?

Yes. So what was your favorite part of the movie, babe? 

[00:27:24] Stephen: There so many iconic things and lines. And performances that I love, but I definitely think that the one that will always stick with me okay. To the croquet scenes where they're exerting their popularity dominance, and Heather Chandler was always just shitting on Heather.

Poor Shannen Doherty. But it's actually the end after Wynnona Veronica survives the explosion and she's got her hair all blown back and sit on her face and she's there with a cigarette in her mouth and walks in and grabs the scrunchie from Heather Duke and says there's a new sheriff in town.

Yeah. And I like that because after all that, and even though she killed three people, She has decided that now it will be an era of kindness at west high school. Yes. Well, that is beautiful. 

[00:28:21] Steve: What about you? My darling lens, a little darker. It was when Heather Shandler dies from the drain cleaner and just the way that she crashed into the table and the glass shattered.

And I don't know whether that's what actually happens when you drink drain cleaner. I'm not going to try it to find out, but I know that, you know, there's that little dark piece of, you know, all of us that wants to see that person who they. Just bite it in a really funny way. So that gave something to my inner in factor that I really liked.

You remember? 

[00:28:47] Stephen: Urban legend. Yes. So, and one of the guys there is forced to have drain cleaner down his throat using a beer bottle. And it does appear that it is a quick game, painful death. Wow, 

[00:29:00] Steve: good. I enjoyed that as well. My favorite part and just a lot of the quotes. Oh, it's just a very quotable movie with the way that they wrote, you know, 

[00:29:08] Stephen: the dialogue, I mean, and there are so many things that.

I have all the quotes that will exist from this movie. I think the what's your damage. Heather is going to be the one that will always stick out for people. Yes. How very it's so very, 

[00:29:25] Steve: yes. And so if you want to let us know what you thought of this episode, or make suggestions for a future movie or TV show that we can cover, how would they reach out to us, babe?

[00:29:36] Stephen: Well, you can reach us on all the social. Whether that would be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at happy light 

[00:29:44] Steve: pod, or you can email us [email protected] 

[00:29:49] Stephen: Yes. And remember if you're thinking about suicide, don't do it. And until next time, stay 

[00:29:55] Steve: happy and come back next week because we're going to be covering beauty and the beast with Ronnie diamond.

Oh, they old 

[00:30:02] Stephen: hole 

[00:30:02] Steve: returns. Yes. And so shall you, aye.